Postnatal and Core Wake-up

This class is designed to reconnect you with your core after birth. We will start with gentle warm-up movements and targeted exercises which help your core to fire reflexively. We will then move into strength-building, always moving at the level of the people in the room. As part of the class you will learn about  common alignment issues and compensation patterns (for example, holding your breath to lift something heavy rather than letting your core turn on to support you). Pre-crawling babies are welcome, and I am planning a class which crawling little ones can also attend. If you follow Restore Your Core, this is more of a 'core' class.

Tuesday afternoons from 1.30-2.45pm at Kreuzbergyoga, Lübbener Str. 9, 10997 Berlin. 10€ drop-in.

Gentle Core Yoga

This class starts with a gentle full-body warm-up, then progresses through some flow and targeted strength-building before ending with breathing and rest. 'Gentle' means that I will give you shapes which will work for your body, and you are supported to treat yourself and your body with kindness. The focus of the class is on waking up the reflexive core and getting to know your own movement patterns. Strong variations will be offered. If you follow Restore Your Core, this is a 'flow' class.

Monday 6-7.30pm at Bija Yoga Berlin, Grimmstr. 19, 10967 Berlin (U8 Schöenleinstr / U7 Südstern / M41 Körtestrasse). 10€ trial class, 13€ drop-in after that, class cards available. 


Stay Tuned

I will be adding more weekly classes, including a class with childcare for toddlers. To stay in the loop, please drop me a line or join my mailing list below.