Get in touch with your body and movement patterns.

wake up your reflexive core.

find balance and strength in body, breath and mind.


Hi, I'm Alice, a yoga and yoga/pilates teacher based in Berlin, Germany. I help people to feel at home in their bodies, and able to move through their lives with confidence. My approach is informal and supportive, giving participants the opportunity to enjoy movement and explore their own movement patterns. 

In class we take a gentle and progressive approach to building stability in the joints, balance through the body, and openness in the mind. We focus on moving as an integrated whole, and progress toward building strength and awareness in areas of the body that we as a society tend not to use.

I am currently certifying to teach Lauren Ohayon's excellent Restore Your Core programme, and I am delighted to offer this material in all of my classes. Classes are particularly supportive of postnatal recovery, and great for anyone who wants to develop a more functional core. If you feel like you just can't, or you're too out of shape, you are more than welcome to come along. I will help you find movements which work for you.